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HOKA IRONMAN X Mach 6 (White/ Red Alert)

HOKA IRONMAN X Mach 6 (White/ Red Alert)

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  • PEBA Foam adds soft, lightweight resiliency to the midsole.
  • SCF EVA Frame provides inherently stable geometry.
  • Carbon Fiber Plate adds propulsion and snappiness to the ride.


  • High-Abrasion Rubber provides durable traction to get you through a demanding training cycle.


  • Flat Knit Upper promotes additional airflow as well as support in key areas.

HOKA IRONMAN X is a super trainer that utilizes lightweight and responsive superfoams and a carbon fiber plate to deliver a plush yet efficient ride to your daily runs.

Featuring a large amount of PEBA foam underfoot, the Ironman X feels smooth and lively at a wide range of paces and distances. Meanwhile, the supercritical EVA frame provides an inherently stable geometry, and the curved carbon fiber plate acts like a suspension system by compressing and springing back with every step for a seamless transition into the gait cycle.

To help maximize durability, the outsole is made of a high-abrasion rubber that ensures longevity and confidence on any surface. The HOKA Ironman X is finished off with a flat knit upper made of recycled polyester for a lightweight and sustainable design. Complemented by a molded heel counter and ghilly lacing system, the upper offers a comfortable midfoot lockdown creating the perfect blend of comfort and performance.

Whether headed for a long run, easy run, or picking up the pace, the HOKA Ironman X is the perfect daily trainer for those who aren't willing to compromise on soft cushioning or speedy efficiency.

What You'll Love

  • Soft and resilient EVA foam
  • Smooth heel-to-toe transitions with every stride.

306 g

Heel Stack 49 mm
Forefoot Stack 44 mm
Heel-Toe Offset: 5 mm

You're pounding the pavement, mile after mile, and your shoes are still going strong even after 600 miles! Yup, you heard that right. These bad boys are built to last, like that epic video game you just can't put down.

Now, let's talk about that Carbon Plate. It's like having a secret weapon strapped to your feet, giving you that extra boost when you need it most. It's like getting a turbo upgrade for your shoes!

And hey, short ladies, listen up! HOKA Iron Man X has got your back with an extra 3 inches. That's right, you'll be towering over everyone in style. Who needs high heels when you've got HOKA?

Next, let's check out that Rubber Outsole. More rubber means more grip, like those sticky hands you used to prank your friends with. No slipping and sliding here, folks!

Now, let's not forget about the PEBA Foam and Max Cushioning Foam. It's like running on clouds, but better. Say goodbye to sore feet and hello to comfort city!

And that Super Plush Upper? It's like wrapping your feet in a cozy blanket, giving you that snug fit you've always dreamed of.

Last but not least, Zero Ground Feel. It's like floating on air, with just the right amount of support to keep you going mile after mile.

So there you have it, folks. HOKA Iron Man X: the superhero of running shoes. With durability, comfort, and style all rolled into one, what more could you ask for? Lace up those shoes and hit the pavement because adventure awaits!

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      8.5 42 2/3 9 M / 10 W 27
      9 43 1/3 9.5 M / 10.5 W 27.5
      9.5 44 10 M / 11 W 28
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